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Our Sky


Installation view, Graduation Show, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, 2020


oil on canvas, 80 x 100, 2020


oil on linen, light behind linen, 80 x 100, 2019


oil on paper, 26 x 45, 2020

oil on paper, 2020

Ppppppp1040751 2_edited.jpg

A piece of poetry, Pencil on wall, 2020

Pㅔㅔㅔㅔ1040759 2_edited.jpg

Our Sky

What blessing is this, the sky roofing over my earth - rooted self!

Over and beyond this tangible world stretches the untouchable.

Oh, the free and the honest.

The realm of life, unlike my earthly finality

All things take their place unquestionably in the sky.

The sun rises and falls in sheer honesty.

The clouds float in sheer honesty.

A bird flies in sheer honesty.

With neither greed nor indulgence,

but with plain simplicity admire thee.

Standing here like the floating clouds, I love thee.


Oh sky, you ask of no knowledge, no intellect from me.

Yet you grant the heavenly epiphany of perceiving my worth.

You illuminate the way to emptying what is of me - the thoughts and the greed.

Trifle seems my existence under your infinity, and so I look up to you for life.

To live.

And I live, as I speak with a grateful heart.


What miracle is this, to look up to the sky.

Once a captive, broken away from shackles, I wish to breathe you vitality.

I wish to sing,

I wish to dance,


No longer for my glory.

Under the sky, I am chained to nothing - not even happiness.

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